The average age of onset of the disease is 50-60 years, although both later and earlier manifestations are possible.

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Women get sick slightly more often than men. Due to the death of neutrons in this disease, the cerebral cortex becomes thinner, the furrows of the brain deepen, the cerebral ventricles increase significantly, and the boundary between white and gray matter is erased.

In the case of prolonged exposure to various chemicals on the body, the chance of diclofenac pills Pick's disease increases significantly. Narcosis can also be attributed here, since this is a very difficult procedure for the nervous system.

Currently, the unambiguous cause of the development of Pick's disease has not been established. At the moment, scientists identify only a number of factors that increase the risk of its development: - The main risk factor is hereditary predisposition. In the event that blood relatives in old age had various types of VOLTAREN 100mg, it is necessary to be very wary and attentive to their condition.

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One of the initial symptoms is the disappearance of a critical attitude to the environment and one's condition, which is one of the main symptoms of developing total dementia. In parallel with this, there is a decrease in the mobility and productivity of thinking, a decrease in the level of Diclofenac online, and a progressive decrease in emotionality. At the same time, at this stage, the patient's memory and spatial orientation are quite well preserved. In some cases, along with the growing dementia, a shallow depression appears, manifested by tearfulness and unexpanded delusions of damage. Also, sometimes patients may experience headache, weakness, dizziness. As dementia increases, these symptoms disappear.

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Due to the fact that the disease is manifested by the death of neurons, head injuries are also considered one of the risk factors. - Postponed mental illness. A person who has had depressive psychosis has a significantly increased risk of developing dementia. At the initial stage of the development of Pick's disease, for a rather long period of time, deep personal changes and signs of a change in the most complex types of intellectual activity come to the fore. The disease develops gradually and unobtrusively.

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Depending on the location of the atrophic process, there is a modification of the clinical manifestations of the disease.

In the case of damage to the basal cortex, patients are fussy, mobile, can stick to others and make tactless inappropriate remarks to them, they have an increased careless state (pseudo-paralytic syndrome). In the case of damage to the frontal lobes, patients are dominated by inactivity, apathy and lethargy. In the case of the predominance of Diclofenac process in the frontal-temporal and frontal lobes, the occurrence of focal disorders, in particular speech stereotypes, prevails.

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